About Can I Play That?

Welcome to Can I Play That?

We have been doing video game accessibility work for a few years now and we’ve noticed a disappointing pattern in the video game writing community:

A new game is released that brings a new standard of accessibility. For a couple weeks there are stories applauding the game’s accessibility innovations and a huge portion of the games community is talking about it. Then the novelty wears off and accessibility largely disappears from mainstream game writing until the Next Big Thing comes out.

What’s more is that too often, it’s not disabled gamers doing the writing. It’s usually our abled allies that get the writing gigs and while they often feature disabled gamers in their pieces, they’re still the ones speaking for us.

Can I Play That? aims to change that.

We want to be the one publication that never lets the accessibility conversation end. And we want disabled gamers to take the lead and be in the spotlight. After all, who better to write about game accessibility than those that rely on and benefit from it?

So, welcome to Can I Play That? where the mic will be given to those often overlooked and the conversation about game accessibility doesn’t end simply because a game has been out for a few weeks. We can’t wait to talk with you.

Can I Play That? was started in 2018 by Susan Banks and Courtney Craven after four years at the now retired Deaf game review site, oneoddgamergirl.net. Susan passed away unexpectedly and now Courtney and Antonio Martinez work to carry on Susan’s vision for the site.

While we’ve got deaf/hoh and mobility reviews covered, we’re always looking for new writers to join our team to cover all areas of game accessibility, even in TTRPGs and board games!